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Coaching is affable, entirely individual way of leadership, which is based on a potentional, the ways of thinking, the values and priorities of clients. With the friendly and committed attittude of the coach, the clients are provided by help, support, leadership and motivation. Together with the client through mutual dialogue, the coach is looking for possible ways, approaches, possibilities, alternatives and solutions of their matters. The coach provides the client with feedback and helps them realize their own strenghts, potencial, ways of thinking, steady behaviour patterns, they way to communicate, personal stances, their own possibilities, iniciative, creativity, working with self-motivation, with own energy and time.

Coaching Benefits

  • get help
  • get support
  • more motivation
  • try to solve your problems
  • improved focus and sense of direction


Life Coaching

Life Coaching is for people who want:

  • career change
  • better self-awareness and self-acceptance
  • try to get better work-life balance
  • feeling happier
  • manage your stress and time
  • help with making decisions or solving problems

Relationship & Marriage Coaching

Relationship & Marriage coaching is a kind of life coaching that helps you find greater fulfillment in your relationships – set relationships goals, thrive inside your marriage, take romance to the next level. Coach can work with people who are not in a relationship or with a couples. My services can be used not only for partnerships, but also on family relationships.


Business Coaching

Business coaching is the kind of coaching where I try to help you with your company or your business team to achieve greater focus and results. The method of this coaching is very similar to life coaching, but it takes place in a business setting. The role of the coach is to help you come up with your own solutions, strategies, and action plan for improving the business.


  • improve the performance of your people
  • learn more about skills
  • better work-life balance for your employees
  • perfect action plan for your company

Katerina Belkova

I am a life coach and I started my coaching business around 10 years ago in the Czech Republic. During that time, I have coached around three hundreds of private clients and supported them to make many hundreds of positive changes.  I studied Economy, Business, Law University and I have a Mediation, Coaching, Psychotherapist & Psycho-analyst Training.

I believe the skills and experiences I gained from my academic and career life help me in my work as a coach and I can offer you lots of it. I know how to listen to you and how to ask questions. Together, we will think about your lives in new and we will try to find helpful ways. I also know how to support you to take systematic steps towards changing your live for the better.

My clients come from all walks of life. Some of you know what exactly you want help with; however, others are not so sure. In all cases, I feel very fortunate to be able to play a role supporting you towards positive changes in your lives.

During my coaching business, I worked as a life coach for the Pharmaceutical Corporations, and as a Mediator & Councillor and Adviser in private sector.  

I have lived and worked in the Czech Republic, where I grew up as well. After many years, I left the Czech Republic to gain some experience abroad such as Germany and the UK. Which is where I would like to start my new professional career as Coach for Life, Relationship, Marriage, and Business. I love learning and speaking languages, traveling, playing volleyball, listening to music, reading books and being in touch with family and friends.

Service Charges


The normal hourly rate of coaching is 40 GBP for individual coaching and 70 GBP for partner coaching and mediation.


Comment.: If you have to cancel or change the agreed term of our services for any reason, you must notify us at least 24 hours in advance, so that we can offer the canceled term to another client and find a new suitable one for you. Failure to do so results in the service being charged.


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